Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Story Of Jinx

Please, let me introduce you to Mr. Jinx. He is 9 years old, all muscle and full of energy. And don't freak out when I tell you that he is an American Pit Bull Terrier. Jinx is the kindest and most darling pit you will ever meet. He had a rough first year when he was a pup but after that his life has been fairly sweet.

I always had cats when I was growing up, so I have never been a dog person per say. Not until I met this special dog. We were visiting Scott's brother in Ohio in the late fall of 2003. When I rang the door bell, this cute black little dog was barking at the door. From the fist glance at him, I could see he had this cute twinkle in his eyes. I told Scott that I wanted that dog right then and there but Scott just laughed at me and told me that I didn't like dogs. But I knew I liked that dog! He wasn't just a dog because you could see in his eyes that he was thinking. And he had a funny personality. Scott's brother called him Janks because janky meant "fucked up", "messed up" or "undesirable" in the US street lingo. Why such a horrible name? Just read on.

Scott's brother said that he would love to give me the dog because he already had one dog and since he was on the road often, it was hard for him to have two dogs. He only had this dog because he had been driving in his truck one day and seen a man by a river drowning puppies. The man had said that the puppies had gotten too big and old, and no one wanted them. Poor Janks was the only puppy left. So, Scott's brother took the last pup. According to the brother he also punch the man for drowning the puppies.

Since Scott's brother was often gone and he couldn't take Janks with him, he left him with his roommates. Once when he was gone and the roommates had Janks, they got a terrible idea to put him into a dog fight since he is a Pit Bull. He nearly died! He was only around 6 mths old and couldn't defend for himself. He had cuts on his head and his one ear was almost ripped off (he still has scars on his head). Scott's brother called us and told what had happened. I was so mad! How could anyone do that to a dog?!? Scott's brother said he had been nursing Janks back to health and his ear was stitched back together. I told Scott and his brother again that I could take Janks anytime but Scott disagreed.

Then came January 2004. We were spending New Years at our friend's place in Minnesota and we were actually on our way back home to Indiana. The ride back home is a funny story too and I will definitely tell that some other time because after that long ride back home I learned never to travel without a pair of bikinis. But we'll get to that some other time... Anyway, we were riding back home when our room mate Kenny called us. Back then we had couple extra rooms upstairs that we were renting out to friends at the time, so Kenny had stayed in the house for the New Years while we were gone. He said that Scott's brother had stopped by and dropped off this black dog. Kenny could not understand why on earth we had a dog all of sudden in our living room. I could hear on the phone that Kenny was just staring at the dog and I guess Janks was staring right back at him. I told Kenny to take care of the dog till we got home.

I was so excited! Janks and I bonded right away. I renamed him Jinx because Janks was just a terrible name and poor dog had been jinxed his whole short life so far, so Jinx suited him better. Scott on the other hand didn't like Jinx. He kept saying that he will have allergies and his asthma was getting worse, and that we had to get rid of the dog.
Jinx wasn't very happy about Scott either. Or any other males really. Poor Jinx was deadly afraid of men. We figured out that some big burly guy must have done something horrible to Jinx because he started barking like crazy anytime our bigger guy friends came over.

Jinx was also very depressed at first. He would walk around the room along the walls and then he would sigh very loudly and just slump on to the ground. He also didn't eat much, and he was afraid of balls. Anytime you threw a ball for him to fetch, he would scowl and hide because he thought you were going to hit him. He was the most depressed dog I had ever seen in my life!

At first we were so lost. We had a dog that was scared of people, didn't eat much and didn't know how to play with toys. We went to the store and bought whole bunch of stuff like bowls, food, ropes, balls, treats, collars and even little shirts for him. Jinx was like a baby! The first two weeks he would start howling in his sleep middle of the night. Then one of us would have to go pet him and tell him that everything was ok. I was so tired at work because I had been up 2am to take care of Jinx. But as soon as afternoon rolled around I started to get excited because I knew I got to go home soon and play with him.

Little by little Jinx started to get better because we kept playing with him and loving him. Then one sunny afternoon he actually realized that playing ball was fun! Soon he started to sleep through the nights as well. That was nice for all of us. He also liked to ride in a car and I think that melted Scott's heart because Scott loved his tuned up car and driving around in it. Now he had Jinx to go with him for rides. Today you would not believe that Scott didn't like Jinx at first because Jinx is Scott's big baby that he carries around. And the best part is that Scott's allergies (or mine) aren't any worse since we got Jinx.

After many years, the scared skinny Jinx is just a bad memory. I think because he didn't get to be a puppy when he was young, he is a puppy now. Jinx is a silly little dog that runs around and plays like he is a pup. People still tell us that "what a cute puppy" and we have to tell everyone that Jinx is already a old dog that just acts young. So precious!

Now days Jinx also loves everyone who walks in the door (even guys). He is also very good with kids. He has always been around babies and little kids because of my and Scott's nephews and nieces. One afternoon we had my nephew Emil with us and we were wondering why he was being so quiet. We went to take a look and saw Emil poking Jinx's eye with his finger. Jinx had the funniest look on his face. He tried to understand why he was being poked at. But he didn't bark or bite my nephew. Only time Jinx really barks is when the door bell rings. Other times he is really quiet.

Jinx is very obedient as well. From early on we taught him that he is not allowed in our bedroom because we wanted to keep the bed clean. Both of us have many allergies, so we thought that was the best to have our bedroom hair&mud free. At first Jinx didn't get it why he couldn't sleep in our bed and he kept sneaking in the bedroom. Once he actually chewed up my boots because I closed the bedroom door and he couldn't get in. But that was the only time and those boots weren't even leather, so really it was a good thing because I got to buy a new pair of boots (*wink*). After a while we figured out why he didn't like to sleep in his bed but kept coming to ours. His bed wasn't very soft. As soon as we bought him a big fluffy dog bed, he was happy and never stepped in our bedroom again. We have moved about four times all together and each time we have shown him our bedroom first and told him that he can't go there, after that he really won't go there. How smart is that?

Jinx is also known as the International dog of mystery because he has "007" tattoo in his ear. When we moved from the USA to Finland, we had to get Jinx his own passport and either a identifying tattoo or a micro chip. The tattoo was a cooler choice (and cheaper).

Jinx is used to traveling with us everywhere. He has been on a planes, trains, boats, cars, four wheelers and buses. He knows that we are on the go as soon as he sees that we are packing up his pillow and food. But he doesn't get anxious or anything. He is fine as long as he has us and his pillow.

Jinx is also a very good poser. I can dress him up and take pictures for a good while and he never loses his attention. He just poses until I tell him that we are done. So, usually our Christmas cards include Jinx. But he can also pose without me telling him to do so. Jinx can easily take this "I'm a poor dog" look on his face and fool any old lady around town. He likes to do it especially when we go to the store and leave him outside. In Finland it is actually safe to tie up your dog to pole while you run into the store. In the US someone would steal him right away. So, we leave him outside and it is not even cold because if it was, we obliviously wouldn't leave him there. When we come back from the store, we see Jinx shaking up and looking as sad as he can be and old little ladies are around him saying out loud "Oh, that poor dog is cold and hungry". Yeah, right. He wags his tale as soon as we come back. Little bastard.

So, that is Jinx. Our child for now. Also known as the International dog of mystery, or Jinxie-winxie, and Sir Farts a lot. And on the days when it is raining and we don't feel like walking him, he is known as the dumbass, as in "do you want to walk the dumbass".

But he is the best motivation to get of the couch to go for a walk. You can't say no to his brown cute eyes. So, there you are, walking in the rain or shine.

I can't wait for this Christmas because I get to dress him up again and take pictures. He actually really loves all his shirts and sweaters because he gets cold easy (*me too!*). He is in a need for new sweater this winter because his old ones are starting to be crappy. So, if you see any cute ones on sale, let me know!

And for the final thought of this long post... Did you know that you can't say the word "puppy" with a sad face? Try it because you know it will make you smile. Like Jinx does.

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